Pilates Equipment

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The Pilates Equipment used at The Pilates Station includes:

The Pilates Rehabilitation Reformer Plus is almost two feet off the floor and wider than the average reformer to provide easier access for mobility challenged clients.  It is equipped with high-precision springs providing a full range of resistance easily adjusted to meet our client needs.

It transforms to a virtual Pilates Cadillac with the addition of a vertical frame tower that facilitates limitless exercise possibilities.  The design of the travelling pulleys offers variable angles of resistance, providing an increased range of motion, making it the premier tool for sport specific, rehab and cross-training movement.  For example, the golf swing can be simulated to strengthen the precise swing movement with resistance.

The Stability Chair was inspired by the “Wunder Chair” invented by Joseph Pilates.  This is a multi-functional Pilates machine that helps achieve upper and lower body strength and conditioning with adjustable high-precision springs.

The Ladder Barrel challenges core stability and strength for every Pilates enthusiast.  It is designed for core strength conditioning and to increase flexibility and mobility.

A great full-body workout can be achieved on any of the Pilates apparatus.  Your instructor customizes each Pilates lesson combining different features of each Pilates machine.

We also use the Pedi-O-Pull for postural assessment as well as other work.  Small props such as the Magic Circle, Arc, Long and Short Box, pole, rotational disks, stability balls, balls and bands are incorporated into our Pilates workouts.

One of our favorite new pieces of equipment ideal for stretching for Vail residents is the “Egg”.  The Egg was introduced to us by Mary Bowen, a First Generation Pilates Teacher, in a recent conference Connie Plummer attended.  The “Egg” is an egg shaped stability ball our clients use to stretch the lumbar region of the back in a very gentle manner.  Many of our clients in our Vail Pilates classes are very enthused about this piece of equipment.

Finally try our new cardio trampoline platform which is attached to the Pilates reformer.  Work on your cardio vascular endurance or weight loss with Pilates by “jumping up and down” in a safe and controlled manner.


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