Pilates Core Training

Hi, my name is Connie Plummer and I want to welcome you to my Website, The Pilates Station in Vail, Arizona, and furthermore to my blog page.  On my blog page I will be talking to you about the benefits of Pilates as part of your personal physical fitness program.  Pilates is fundamental in maintaining the health and fitness of everyone; from younger clients to active senior citizens, such as the wonderful residents in the Academy Village where we are located.  Pilates is crucial since it deals with the development and strengthening of core of the body.

The core of everyone’s body consists of the transverses abdominus, the pelvic floor, the diaphragm, and the multifitis muscles.  To illustrate:

Pilates core training

In each of my updates I will be discussing the different exercises, articles, and discussions dealing with Pilates, but always remember what we are talking about is pretty basic, the core of the body and overall fitness!   Almost all human activity and physical endurance is centered around the core.

In my first blog I would like to discuss the history of The Pilates Station.  The Pilates Station is the direct off spring of the Arizona Pilates Academy.  The Arizona Pilates Academy was founded by Jeanne Missey Osgood at the Academy Village on Old Spanish Trail in 2004.  

The Academy Village is a unique active retirement community, oriented toward retired professionals and academicians.  The philosophy surrounding this community, as set forth by Dr. Henry Koffler, is to keep the body and mind active and invigorated.  The Academy has scheduled lectures and concerts for the “mind”, and physical fitness programs for the “body”.  Pilates is a natural fit in this stimulating environment since it is an intelligent exercise for the entire body.

In 2011 Jeanne Missey Osgood moved her Pilates studio out of Academy Village to another site, in close proximity of the Village as she contemplated change in her life.  In time her professional focus changed and her studio no longer schedules traditional appointments.  As a former Pilates instructor for the Arizona Pilates Academy, I saw a void to fill at the Academy Village.

My husband, Bill, and I decided to start The Pilates Station.  We were eager and excited to return the studio to its original site, in the Academy Village Community Center.  It is wonderful being back in the warm hospitality of these wonderful people.  But, we decided that it was important for us to follow up on our second goal as making Pilates available, and affordable, to the entire Vail community.  And I must say we have gotten to a great start.  We now have clients of a variety of ages, from mid-twenties to nineties.  We have challenging exercises and programs designed for everyone.  These include Pilates for golfers and for strong and active clients in our demanding boot camp program.

As I stated in the beginning o f this blog, I will talk about specific Pilates concepts.  But for the conclusion of this historical document I want to stress The new Pilates Station is designed to provide Pilates training for the entire Vail and Southeast Tucson community.  Come join us….until later, Rock On!

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